HinoAso Natural Mineral Water Awarded with the Grand Gold Quality for 2 Years Consecutively

We are honoured to announce that for the second year in a row, HinoAso Natural Mineral Water has been granted with the Grand Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection!

HinoAso was expertly evaluated by international industry experts, renowned laboratories and specialists and garnered positive remarks on its external packaging, visual appearance, taste and even texture of the water. Acing through various evaluation criterion, HinoAso’s Natural Mineral Water emerged victorious with the highest achievement award, in the “Beers, Waters and Soft Drinks” category.

This consecutive prestigious award is a testament to HinoAso’s commitment to producing only the best quality in water consistently and HinoAso is proud to be recognised for its naturally smooth, soft water, for two years back-to-back.

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Sponsorship for Destination Deluxe Awards 2021

Honouring the best in the wellness and travel industry, the anticipated “3rd annual Destination Deluxe Awards 2021” celebrated this year’s winners.

HinoAso is proud to be a sponsor for this premium event, where industry players got together for a refreshing evening, recharged by camaraderie and hydrated with our crisp, delicious-tasting water.

Joined by a global audience who tuned in virtually, the awards were especially meaningful this year as it marked a collaborative spirit in the challenging climate of Covid-19.

Congratulations once again to all the winners on your well-deserved awards!

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HinoAso is officially here in Hong Kong!

Coming all the way from Mount Aso, Kumamoto of Japan, this new product has been making waves at numerous supermarkets and retail points, giving consumers a new hydration choice to refresh their taste buds! Spot our branding that are displayed at various prominent bus stop locations including Yuen Long and Kwun Tong, to reach even more consumers.

Did you know? It’s important to always keep yourself hydrated throughout the day! Good hydration is crucial as it doesn’t only regulate your body temperature, but also helps improve your sleep quality and mood!

The right water for any occasion, simply reach for a bottle of HinoAso Natural Mineral Water to enjoy instant rejuvenation and give your metabolism a boost!

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Crowned Superior Taste Award by 2021 International Taste Institute

HinoAso Natural Mineral Water has been recognised for its exceptional taste and quality by the International Taste Institute! Evaluated for its organoleptic qualities based on a blind sensory analysis, only products that are “well made, balanced and delicious” receive the Superior Taste Award; HinoAso Natural Mineral Water is one of them with an overall score of 90.7%!

We would like to extend our gratitude to not only everyone on the HinoAso team for their hard work, but also to the naturally pristine environment of Mount Aso, Kumamoto – the source of our tasty water.

About International Taste Institute

Based in Brussels, Belgium, the International Taste Institute evaluates and certifies the taste of foods and drinks from around the world. Its jury of taste-experts consists of 200 renowned chefs and sommeliers, each bringing with them at least 15 years of taste evaluation experience.

To avoid any scoring bias, a rigorous blind-tasting approach (based on the 5 standard sensory criteria) is used to score the products. These criteria include first impression, vision, olfaction, taste, texture (food) or final sensation (drinks). In addition, the physical and chemical components of the samples might also be tested with accredited laboratories to ensure that the products tested match the quality of products available to consumers.

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HinoAso Natural Mineral Water Awarded Grand Gold Quality Award

We are proud to announce that HinoAso Natural Mineral Water has achieved the Grand Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection in the year 2021, which means that the product obtained a final averaged result between 90% and 100% on the evaluations!

Evaluated by a panel of renowned experts that consists of technicians, master brewers and chemical engineers, our product has passed with flying colours in each criterion – scientific evaluation, visual aspect, odour, packaging and taste, emerging triumphant in the “Beers, Waters and Soft Drinks” category.

Grab a bottle of HinoAso Natural Mineral Water today to taste it for yourself!

HinoAso is awarded Grand Gold by the Jury of the 60th World Selection 2021.

About Monde Selection

Monde Selection is the only Quality Institute that offers a global evaluation of consumer products. The quality of every product has been evaluated by a panel of 12 independent and renowned experts, according to a very precise methodology and criteria.

“Receiving a Monde Selection Quality Award is an amazing accomplishment coveted by all producers and companies committed to the continuous quest for the best quality results. The blue and gold seal of quality is a powerful instrument to encourage producers all over the world to earn the trust of professional buyers and guide consumers in their purchasing choices.”

Dimitri Delloye,
General Manager of Monde Selection

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The Aromatic Melding of HinoAso and LHC Coffee

In a unique collaboration with LHC Coffee*, we are proud to power the cafe’s in-house specialty brews with HinoAso natural mineral water.

Excavated from deep ground of 180 meters, HinoAso Natural Mineral Water elevates LHC Coffee’s exceptional quality to a new level. The finesse of Japanese craftsmanship also manifests in the gourmet coffees’ unique, captivating character.

Savour the goodness at LHC Coffee’s cafe outfit (60 Johnston Road And Ship Street, Hong Kong, China).

*LHC Coffee is a leading boutique-style specialty coffee retailer, with a retail presence and sales channels in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and China Mainland.

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Granted the Gold Quality Award & International High Quality Trophy by Monde Selection in 2023!

HinoAso has been awarded the Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection! Having been certified with a Grand Gold Quality Award in 2022 and 2021, it is our honour to also be rewarded with the “International High Quality” trophy for attaining a Grand Gold/Gold award by Monde Selection for 3 consecutive years now.

Excelling through a holistic assessment of sensory and scientific criteria, by internationally renowned juries, HinoAso is proud to have reached this esteemed milestone for three years in a row. The prestigious trophy recognition and running certifications will remain as honourable representations of HinoAso’s commitment and expertise in producing natural soft water with superior standards.